How DealEdge Helps IR Teams Tell Their Story

How DealEdge Helps IR Teams Tell Their Story

Bring your successes to life in vivid detail with DealEdge

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How DealEdge Helps IR Teams Tell Their Story
At a Glance

DealEdge gives you the deal-level performance analysis you need to showcase your competitive edge:

  • Demonstrate to investors where your deals have outperformed the market
  • Benchmark your holdings against comparable sectors
  • Showcase where you will find value with your sector strategy

Benchmark your fund on a deal-by-deal basis

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Most private equity firms rely on fund-level performance analysis when communicating their activities to investors. But this only tells part of the story. To give a full account of their successes and strategies, GPs need to leverage performance analysis at the deal level.

This is where DealEdge comes in. It’s a data analytics platform that gives you deal-level performance insight you’ve always wanted. Examine and benchmark deals across a range of metrics including returns, margins, multiples, and risks. Built for the specialized needs of private equity, it’s backed by cash flow and ops data covering more than 30,000 private equity transactions.

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Demonstrate your successes

DealEdge allows you to bring the story of your fund and its successes to life. You can show investors how your holdings are performing compared to their peers, or to the wider sector and industry, on a deal-by-deal basis. You can demonstrate where you are outperforming, not just in top-level IRR returns but across specific value creation metrics like revenue CAGR, EBITDA margin and more.

Showcase how individual deals from previous funds performed against sector averages. Highlight how far above the median your winning deals were, and how deals in lower-growth areas compare to their peers.

Show LPs where you'll find value

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Showcase your strategy

DealEdge doesn’t just let you demonstrate how your past and current deals have outperformed. You can also use it during fundraising to show investors where you’ll focus on to try and find value going forward with your sector strategy. Instantly compile comparisons of IRRs, MOICs, EBITDA margins, revenue CAGRs, and more, across more than 560 industry subsectors. Show investors how returns in your chosen sub-industries compare to the wider market, and how historic margin expansions and revenue growth in comparable businesses offer significant upside potential.

Tell your story in vivid detail

The private equity industry is more data-driven than ever before, and comprehensive deal-level performance data is the breakthrough next step in that progression. With DealEdge, you can give investors a much more detailed picture of who you are and how you’re succeeding.

Contact us today to find out how DealEdge can help take your IR communications to the next level: from fund- to deal-level performance insights.

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